Feb 16, 2017

Gobelins Students' FX Exercises

- BOOM!!! Kaiju by Vincent Chansard, Valérie Bousquié, Mathilde Vachet, Claire Matz, Joséphine Meis.

- Divina Commedia by d'Antoine BONNET, Jules BOURGES, Quentin BOYER DI BERNARDO, Jocelyn CHARLES, Nathan HARBONN VIAUD, Mathilde LOUBES, Antoine VIGNON.

- From Dusk to Dawn by Maximilien ANGELLOZ-NICOUD, Morgane RAVELONARY, Julia TROUVÉ, Benjamin WARNITZ.

- Madre by Cécile Guillard, Fanny Hagdahl Sörebo, Aleksandra Krechman, Mathilde Laillet, Valentine Zhang.

- The Mill by Benjamin BERREBI, Camille GUILLOT, James MOLLE, Sarah NACIRI, Pierre ROUGEMONT, Côme ROY.

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priyanka coup said...

Your information was very helpful and needful all about the animation visual effects courses I am definitely going to learn so much from your blog.Thank you..